Solar Panels

Renewable Energy

The WCP invested in two renewable energy projects in 2010 with support from two government funds. The wind turbine in Springfield Park has generated energy since then but the high costs of maintenance and the relatively low output have been disappointing. In 2020 a serious issue with the drive shaft has forced WCP to decommission the turbine and it was removed, repaired and reused in a more beneficial site in Scotland.

MyPower installation at Hesters Way Community Resource Centre

The solar panels project at Hesters Way had been altogether more successful with production continuing to be consistent with initial predictions. As a result WCP has investigated adding to the existing provision and in 2021 has been offered funding by the European Regional Development Fund Target 2030 programme for a large new array.

My Power based at Toddington near Cheltenham completed the installation on the roof of the main building at Hesters Way Community Resource Centre in June.